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Future Memory Series

Project type

Spiritual Landscapes


January 2024


Western Cape, South Africa

Taking inspiration from nature and from a deep need to connect to the creator who formed it, my work stems from a desire to absorb the viewer into this vital energy as well as to create ethereal works which will speak to you in an intimate and sincere way. My work is characterized by a subtle energy, delicate and ephemeral, suggesting a yearning to elevate myself and those who look thereon. It is the relationship we have to each other and to the planet that we inhabit that inspires me to create work which will connect us not only to each other, but also to the deep and beautiful mystery that suffuses the life we experience.
I encounter a joy creating with skill, and despite hardship and suffering, to still feel as a child in this world, small and in awe of the love, beauty and the power which is contained in nature and humanity. I create with the hope that the love that God holds for us, for the all, reaches into the viewers heart and stirs a memory of what life truly means.

Future Memory Series

"...whenever there is numinosity – a coming alive of divine presence – literally, the “nod” or “beckoning” of God – whenever an image becomes translucent to a reality beyond itself, we are in the presence of Imagination. The images that come towards us – as divinities, soul-birds, angels, geniuses, muses – are all figures who bring messages from afar or beyond, from the heights or the depths – the realms where consciousness may not go, yet on which it rests and through which it grows. “Wisdom first speaks in images,” W. B. Yeats, says (1961, p. 95)."
The Myth of the Messenger - Jules Cashford

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